In my art I deal with relationship between machines and humans. In the last few years I have created a body of work developing
this subject in various mediums including robotic and kinetic sculptures, videos, animation, installations, and drawings. I started
creating robotic sculptures from the desire to make the most personal and intimate machine. I love building mechanical sculptures
and seeing how they come to be "personalized". I grew up in a culture that used technology mainly for military purposes but I use it to
create an enigmatic hybrid between the human body and automatons. I try to give new interpretation to the relation between the
machines as a technical device and the human body by conceptually incorporating the flesh in the machine. In my vision the flesh
literally turns into a mechanical device, and expresses emotion through movements. By letting the audience play with my interactive
sculptures, I question the classic role of the object and the viewer. When operating the sculptures the viewer becomes part of the art work
and experiences it firsthand.
















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