The video "The Golem" tell the story of the golem of Prague (a jewish legend from the late Middle Ages, describing the creation
of a robot monster from mud). The word "golem" comes from the Hebrew word "hitgalmot" which means that parts of God
are coming alive in something else, also from the word "gelem" which means raw material. In this video I created my own version
to the legend using three points of departure - an old automaton "Der Trompeter" (Design by Fredrich Kaufmann 1810-1812),
the legend of the Golem as it is presented by the Jewish philosopher Gershon Shalom, and a photograph of Man Ray's called "Coat - Stand"
from 1920. The vidoe was done in two parts and was projected on the walls surrounded with mirrors. In that way the spectator
could view his body reflected in the mirrors while watching the automaton body on the video.















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